About me

Sometimes certain talents can never be taught. It's an inborn trait some individuals are blessed with. Ever since M.Lokeswara Rao was a little child he had this different inclination towards drawing and sketching. He always had a different way to look into things with an altered perspective with a different perceptive ability. Imagination has no barrier. It is stronger than anything known to man, faster than the speed of light, deeper than the ocean of thoughts. It is the seed for the basic intellect of creativity & innovation. The displayed works are just some mere examples of reinvention of creative bliss. Every work has a deep thought and meaning supporting its visual description. Sri M.Lokeswara Rao belongs to 1983 batch of Indian Forest Service(I.F.S.),top bureaucrat working as Addl. Principal chief conservator of Forests. He has done many contemporary style paintings like zodiac paintings of Rasi"s and constellations like Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini etc ,Women series, Animal series, Buddha series, Abstract paintings in digital form using different media on canvas, and paper

He is practicing this ancient art Tanjore paintings and contemporary art and digital paintings for the past several years and he uses poster colors, acrylic and multimedia to do his paintings and do painting on paper and canvas. When he was young he always sees and like the right of colors and glittering Tanjore paintings, he used to surprise how these colorful, glittering paintings were made and other contemporary art paintings and he has internal skills from young age to do paintings. He determined to learn these paintings. He has done the many Tanjore painting The famous cartoon movie character Alladin he has done in Tanjore style in contemporary way, "Alladin flying with Jasmine" he got Artslant show case award. To give tribute to 70 years old famous cartoon character Tom and Jerry, he has painted "Tom and Jerry celebrating Christmas" in Tanjore style.

Mr Rao is also photographer and takes clicks from street scenes, nature, daily life, life style etc and author of books, his famous book "Plant Biodiversity of World" is based on Stamps collected by him and arranged based on Plant Classification wise. He is participate in various environmental awareness programmes. He is exhibiting his works in Art slant of Los Angeles and Rise art of UK online galleries. His parents and family inspires him

Forms of art he creates: Tanjore, Contemporary, Digital paintings and Photography



Karnataka Chitra Santhe 2011(Karnataka Chitra Kala Parishad, Bangalore)
Karnataka Chitra Santhe 2012(Karnataka Chitra Kala Parishad, Bangalore)
All India Exhibition by Hyderabad Art Society 2012 4th National Exhibition of Art by INFAC(Indian National forum of Art and Culture), Bangalore 2012
Art slant, Gallery, U.S.A.
Rise art gallery, U.K.
Fine Art America
Zodiac exhibition at Rasa Gallery Bangalore
Renaissance Gallery Bangalore
State fine arts gallery , Hyderabad
Buddha the great, CKP Bangalore
The Buddha solo show, The Taj Delhi and many more


Space inno Gallery,SouthKorea New Age Inn, Bangkok